Corbyn: The Deception

In this world there are many problems, nothing is perfect, and we are all in it together in making it a better place; however there is one man that persists on not playing ball and proving that we are indeed not ‘all in it together’.

That man is Jeremy Corbyn.

What does ‘all in it together’ mean for a man like Jeremy? Not much I tell you. Whilst most of us are out spending money we don’t have, or money that isn’t ours, this man insists on waking up to smell our sweet sweet capitalist air whilst walking through the front door to his garden which he insists on maintaining himself. Yes, HIMSELF! The cheek of it, any self respecting politician would be getting a gardener in, but not Jeremy, no, he has to love it so much he even has an allotment where he chooses to cultivate fruit to make his own jams, jeez he’s not even aware that you can buy food and stick it on expenses like our friend Andrew Rosindell MP who claimed £1.31 (quite rightly) for some jellied eels (questionable choice).

It doesn’t stop there though. It seems that every decision made by this man is to do with sucking out money from the real economy, thus hampering growth, and not doing his duty as a citizen and politician of this land. Any self respecting politician would do as Rob Wilson MP does and claim every last morsel, including 9p for a 352 yard car journey, however not Comrade Corbyn, oh no, he will ride to work on his Mao bike whilst shunning the optional car option for his briefcase (do commies even use briefcases?!) unlike Mr Cameron who knows how to conduct himself properly as leader of the opposition.

No, instead of paying through the nose for public transport like most of us, putting money into the coffers of cash strapped rail companies and claiming it back, or opting for a car to hand deliver him to parliament like a Chinese takeaway, he still thinks he is living in some kind of hippie dream, where cycling is deemed a legitimate mode of transport, not the PR grabbing headline story it should be.

Shame on him.

His whole expenses scandal should really be the front page story, but, no, lets pick on the little man, the hard done by one, by focusing on Mr Cameron and his hard earned wealth. So what if his father set up a fund, protected it from any scrutiny, then shared the proceeds with his family, is this not his right? Is it not the right of the wealthy to go to sunny shores with shady dealings to shield their wealth and its ability to alleviate poverty by having it taxed properly? After all society didn’t enable them at all to get this far, no, it had no stake in that whatsoever, so how can we blame someone for wanting to use this option and get the loot away from the prying, dirty, begging hands of the masses.

No, the real scandal here is how a man who rides a bike and makes jam with home grown fruit has the audacity to claim a total of £8.70 for an ink cartridge, instead of doing his duty by spending and claiming on all and everything possible. How does he expect us to maintain a serious long term economic plan with such stinginess?

Waking up in the morning, smelling our capitalist air, not spending a penny.

Shame on him.


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