Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Austerity. Austerity Who? Just you wait

6 years.

The ridiculous austerity ride that the Tories decided to embark on is nothing more than a state shrinking ideological project that has as much in common with economic credibility as Britain First does to race equality.

But, whats this? After 6 years of this experiment the effects of Austerity are starting to bite the very people who have helped sow it into the social fabric of this country, part of me wants to laugh at them at how foolish they are, what were they expecting? Some could claim they are mere naive bystanders who never had any idea about what they were doing, however if so where were they and their morals when Atos were conducting draconian assessments in order to further the Tory ideological joy ride whilst people died because of rulings made by them.

Ok, since then Atos has left to be replaced by the wonderful Maximus due to its past controversies, and Maximus is obviously a fantastic and caring addition to the wonderful Tory party plan for Britain, however this is not an article about these companies or the methods the Tories are deploying to achieve their designated aims of pushing people into poverty and shrinking the welfare state.

This article about the people who are now outraged at what they are witnessing. Witnessing. On their doorstep.

Their Doorstep.

That’s the thing isn’t it, its a sad indictment of the Tory mindset that where they have been happy to overlook and witness from afar between 2010-2015 the policies of the Tories – whether it be the tripling of tuition fees, cutting the EMA payments that help poorer students, the closing of 566 sure start centers, with the remaining ones stopping all on site childcare or the hated and highly questionable workfare scheme that enabled companies to get free slave labour in return for measly benefits that was eventually deemed illegal by the courts, which went side by side draconian rules about benefit payments being stopped for turning up to interviews a few minutes late and more – they just didn’t care.

Of course, feeling sorry for any person that is in a situation where some kind of support mechanism is being taken away from them is totally natural, its called living in a caring society that looks after one another, however one has to question where these peoples good morals were when they were happy to watch from afar? From the lady who broke down on Question Time over cuts to her tax credits, to the quite hilarious story of Cameron’s own mother signing a petition arguing against cuts to child care provisions in her local area, these are two examples where people who were willing to watch other people suffer are now up in arms as the same Tory right wing policies have now come knocking at their own door.

6 years.

It has taken 6 years (or 5 if you want to be pedantic about the QT audience member) for some Tories to start seeing the truth of this governments agenda, however had they started at a point where they actually gave a damn before it started to effect them, we might never of found ourselves in this situation at all. Ok, yes, of course, I feel sorry for them, but hopefully now they know how it feels, they will start to feel sorry for other people too, whether it effects them or not, and this in turn can be a catalyst to some momentum forming with more Tories calling out this despicable government and their economically illiterate, ideological austerity joy ride.


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Reflection Note. 18th March 2016

On reflection I can see how pointing out the woman from the QT audience could be seen as quite harsh, as of course not everyone is as politically minded as some people and can easily fall for the spin and lies of the conservatives. I understand that there are Tories out there who do nice things for people and care about those around them, I still also believe that there are some completely heartless ones as well, however this post was penned during a moment of anger, and sometimes we say some things in the moment which after reflecting maybe could of been said a different way. etc. etc. 





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